About Benge Industries

Benge Industries utilizes top-grade equipment and expert craftsmen to handle all your asphalt, concrete, sealing, and striping needs. We are known for our commitment to quality work and outstanding customer service.

Quality Workmanship

We are proud of — and have worked hard for our reputation. We have enjoyed servicing Small and Large Businesses, Shopping Centers, Industrial Complexes, Apartments and more throughout Portland and the surrounding region. We are certain your experience with Benge Industries will bring satisfaction.

Benge Industries Vision

Benge Industries was founded with a vision to provide dependable pavement maintenance and striping services with top-notch project management, complete professionalism, and quality workmanship. Benge Industries is confident in our abilities and we operate with honesty and integrity. Our staff is a dedicated Team, and we extend that dedication to all our customers.

Our Guarantee

All work done by Benge Industries, comes with a full, one year guarantee. This guarantee covers both materials and workmanship. If for any reason, the job we perform for you is substandard, or fails, we will come back and fix it. At no charge. We believe in quality workmanship, and believe you should not accept anything less.

We provide well trained and skilled workers for every project. At Benge Industries, we pay attention to the details that help to ensure your asphalt, concrete, sealing, and striping needs last their intended life span.